You’re a therapist, a healer, a spiritual seeker…

You’re finding it hard to balance it all and feel like you might be on the verge of burnout.

You are seeking clarity, a path to your true purpose, a way to bring your highest good into the world.

You have done a lot of your own healing work and are now feeling called to step forward…


   Hi! I am Lydia, a transformative coach who specializes in therapist/healer sensitivity, life balance and energy protection/management. I am here to help you find career balance so you have energy left over for the other parts of your life that matter.

I am here to be a guide as you uncover your path to fulfillment.  I support you in aligning mind, body and soul. I am also a licensed therapist and understand the challenges of doing helping/healing work in a way that feels healthy and fulfilling.

  If you are doing helping/healing work and would like to find more grace, fulfillment and balance along the way, I invite you to contact me at 810-626-3025 for a free 20- minute introductory phone session.

Over the past year both my professional and personal life has been messy, chaotic and stressful. Through it all, my time with Lydia allowed me space to breathe and refocus. Our work together has helped me navigate the stresses of my job, allowed me to see my full potential and has given me the confidence to now plan for a future that excites me. Lydia’s support, encouragement and investment in my dreams has been my lifeline during this time of growth in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone; whether you need extra support navigating life’s big choices, if your looking to find a way to your best self or need time to just recenter and refocus – Lydia can help you get there.

-Lisa Neff, LMSW